At LESPWA International, our mission is to bring hope and healing to the people of Haiti, and throughout the world. We do this by ministering to the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of the people we encounter in all walks of life.

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We partner with Clean Water For Haiti by bringing supplies, monetary donations, and providing on-site assistance. We also partner with other well-drilling and clean water projects. Clean water is a major health issue in Haiti causing countless diseases and death.


So taken for granted.
Clean water.
A luxury.
I am not sure how much water you used this morning.
What about breakfast?
Imagine if you lived in Haiti and you were hungry and thirsty when you woke up.
Go get the water
don't spill any
don't waste any
and then the dirt cookies would be mixed up.






This is a store that sells water that is clean enough to drink.  We hope that a store like this in Monwi will earn money to buy food for the kids in the schools and the orphanages.